I've taken two group classes with Charlie and each time has been so fantastic! an intense, playful, safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can explore deeper topics and questions and be met with wisdom and friendship. Gosh that sounds so cheesy but geeze louisey Charlie Cross is a badass down to earth teacher and healer! Choose to learn from him and to face yourself head on, you won't regret it!

Haley, Austin

Charlie has amazing insight and always gives me clarity in terms of what my current struggles are and what he foresees. It prepares me on what I need to work on and what I need to put attention and focus toward to grow. I'm always astonished after the readings on how accurate he is and how relevant it is. I make a point to try to see him every quarter.

Pree, Austin

Charlie's astrology skills are top notch. To me what really sets him apart though is the kindness and empathy he imbues his readings with. His genuine care for your particular situation or life story helps unearth subtle nuances that might otherwise be overlooked. He has the great gift of articulating information in a holistic, forward looking, and empowering manner. Charlie shines a bright, vibrant light and I would highly recommend uncovering the mysteries of your natal chart with him!

Divya, Austin

Charlie is an incredible astrological resource and a willing teacher—the perfect guide for anyone ready to embark on a personal with the stars.

Cecily, New York City
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I've also given over a thousand readings through Sanctuary, an online platform for people to connect with Astrologers. Here are screenshots from text-based readings I've done!

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