I offer readings on a
Sliding Scale

That means you are encouraged pay what feels good for you, within a range. 

Consider paying the highest, Patron Rate if you have access to financial security, such as any of the following – you own property, have savings, have investments, have retirement accounts, inheritance, are able to travel recreationally without creating financial strain, have access to family money and resources, work part-time by choice, or choose not to work.

Consider paying the mid-level, Standard Rate if imagining paying the full price deters you from participating, but you know you are not in need of a significant reduction in cost. You may fall in this category if you have access to steady income and are not struggling to make all your regular payments each month. 

Consider paying near the lowest, Reduced Rate if your circumstances prevent you from accessing services due to financial hardship. If you struggle to meet some of your basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, or child care, you very likely belong on this end of the payment scale. 

Operating on a sliding scale enables me to continue to serve our wide range of clients and students. Thanks for your support!

The Main Readings

These are the different applications of Astrology I work with.

Choose one, or look at the Full Reading or Astrology Alliance package below to cover multiple areas!

Gift Certificates are also available below.

Solar Return (Birthday)

Let’s set a game plan for the year ahead! The Solar Return chart is one of the oldest and most significant timing tools in astrology. We can trace major themes, scan for challenges and opportunities, and find moments for strong, affirmative action. Feel free to purchase this reading as a gift!

60 minutes – $60-120

Individual Love

Each of us has a unique connection to the gods and goddesses of love, which Astrology describes. Astrology can also give you a feeling for the unfurling of love through the seasons of your – we can look backward at events in the past, figure out what’s present for you now, and look at how future possibilities can play out.

60 minutes – $60-120

Career + Life Purpose Reading

Figuring out how to find your passion, build your career, or simply where you might find some luck? In addition to helping you define your focus, think through possibilities to explore, and prepare for the road ahead, I’ll likely suggest a few practices and rituals to help put some wind in your sails.

60 minutes – $60-120

Long-Term Forecast

Let’s look at the seasons of your life. Astrology has several good tools for delineating your biography into smaller chapters and describing turning points. Together, we’ll look back over your life so far, get a good sense of where you stand right now, and look at the several years ahead. 

60 minutes – $60-120


Astrology has quite a few wonderful tools for describing not only how you relate to place, home, and your environment, but to particular places around the world. It can be as precise as describing a difference between living in the Northern part of a city and the Southern part! Some people use this tool to pick vacation spots, and it’s definitely worth looking at before taking a move!

60 minutes – $60-120

Electional Astrology

Astrology has a long tradition of being used to decide the initiating moment for any number of momentous events – weddings, the dedication of buildings, the start of a new business, making a major announcement, or even making an investment. Let me know what you’re looking for, and what your time frame is, and I’m sure we’ll be able to find a potent moment!

60 minutes – $60-120

The Full Reading

A natal chart reading provides a panoramic view of your world. Zooming in at each of the planets, we get to listen to and love all of your different selves. Zooming out, we can map your internal dynamics and the core themes of your journey. A basic understanding of the language of astrology and your natal chart gives you powerful tools for the rest of your life. We can also weave in a number of different other subjects like Astrocartography or Synastry, and we’ll certainly use important timing techniques. 

90 minutes – $90-180

The Astrology Alliance

An immense amount of depth opens up when you work with Astrology over time. You can get to see how different archetypal parts of yourself emerge through different moments in time and you can actually affirmatively plan for and work with those energies. Getting to know you over a longer period of time, I can also support you a great deal more.

Schedule a time for our initial session, and we’ll figure out the next steps from there!

~~ 5 Sessions ~~ $400 – $800

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for each reading type. Just purchase the certificate, send it to your loved one, and they’ll be able to use it to schedule a reading!

Micro Readings

Are you new to astrology and want a taste of what it has to offer? Plugging your information into a free website is a good teaser, but it’s nothing compared to time with someone who’s fluent in the language and tight with the planets. In 30 minutes, we can pluck a few good chords that run through your life. Micro-Readings also serve as quick and potent perspective-givers for single questions. We can do this through text, if you’d like!

30 minutes – $30-60

Synastry - Relationship Astrology

Astrology can clearly discern the threads that weave us with another person, whether that be a lover, friend, or family member. We are constantly in a complex resonance with other people, and relationships themselves have a sort of spirit or being. Let’s explore these alchemical mysteries together!

90 Minutes – $120-240

Written Reports

Would you like something quite tangible to return to in a reading? Are you looking to give a reading as a gift, or get your child’s chart done? In 2-3000 words, I’ll do a full analysis of a chart, including the strongest developments of the present moment. 

~two weeks wait time, $120-240

Astrology Tutoring

Learning Astrology can be a confusing and lonely quest. While there is an abundance of resources available to learn this sacred art, it’s also difficult to understand how to put it all together. I can help you learn at many different levels–from the ground up, learning the basic language and how to read a chart, all the way up to full interpretations.  

60 Minutes – $60-120