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Unraveling Mysteries – Life’s Transitions – Hard Decisions – Self Discovery


I have a longstanding teaching partnership with the renowned Olivia Pepper, with whom I teach regular Star Poetry classes. Explore our past and upcoming offerings below.


I offer a number of different formats to enter into astrology, from particular applications and individual questions to long-term partnerships. 


I upkeep a regular Substack, as well as update a blog with bigger, less time-bound articles. Follow along with my intellectual journey and musings on the stars!

Charlie Cross

Astrology found me and struck a quick affinity. The mathematical-archetypal language made immediate sense to me, and I soon felt I had found a vocation. Ten years later, I’ve done thousands of readings, taught dozens of classes, and am researching in under-investigated, interdisciplinary directions. Alongside astrological praxis, I enthusiastically explore many forms of movement, art, and esoterica. 

Doing readings remains one of my greatest joys. They are a constant affirmation of the magic of the universe, and I often can see that clients are drawn to me out of some higher and more subtle chemistry. Although simple astrological calculations can certainly work wonders, I often have specific ideas and intuitions well suited to my clients. If you feel the potential for this connection, reach out!


Charlie is an incredible astrological resource and a willing teacher—the perfect guide for anyone ready to embark on a personal journey with the stars.

Cecily, New York City

Charlie has amazing insight and always gives me clarity in terms of what my current struggles are and what he foresees. I’m always astonished after the readings on how accurate he is and how relevant it is. I make a point to try to see him every quarter.

Pree, Austin

I’ve taken two group classes with Charlie and each time has been so fantastic! an intense, playful, safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can explore deeper topics and questions and be met with wisdom and friendship. Gosh that sounds so cheesy but geeze louisey Charlie Cross is badass down to earth teacher and healer! Choose to learn from him and to face yourself head on, you won’t regret it!

Haley, Austin